Photographers Get A Chance To Capture Footage Of 20-Foot Great White Shark

Published March 23, 2018 9,413 Plays $13.21 earned

Rumble / Wild WildlifeWe interrupt your program of regularly scheduled cutesy videos of tiny dogs walking on their two front legs to show this beast of the deep. A group of underwater photographers had the chance to get real close and personal with a 20 feet long Great White shark, while the fish was casually nibbling on the proffered piece of marine carcass.

Those who are familiar with her call her Deep Blue, a Great White shark considered to be the oldest and biggest living shark on the planet. She is some 20 feet long from nose to the tip of her tail fin. She is estimated to be around 50 years old, calling the area around Guadalupe Island in Mexico her home.

The elderly female is covered in scars, attained through the years, battling for her turf. The shark is massive, both in length and in sheer size, which gives the sense that she is well respected by her peers. We wonder if any other shark would ever consider sparring with this ancient creature!

All Great Whites are apex predators in the ocean and any underwater photographer would consider themselves lucky to grab a chance for a close-up photo session with these beasts. A salesman-turned-underwater-photographer Michael Maier got a chance to see Deep Blue very close and his statement was that the beast was very calm when she approached the cage with the divers.

We would be too if we were aware there is no one bigger than us in the sea!


  • SharkDiver, 1 year ago

    This is not Deep Blue! We have a database of all the sharks at Guadalupe, so we can positively identify them.

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    • SharkDiver, 1 year ago

      This is actually a MALE shark named Luca Arnone, #163 in our database. He's a subadult and 13-14' at the most.

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