Check Out This Face-To-Face Encounter With A Great White Shark

Published March 23, 2018 31,391 Plays $106.85 earned

Rumble / Wild WildlifeWhat is the scariest animal for you? Spiders, snakes, bears or maybe sharks? All of them are terrifying, but the scariest for us are definitely sharks! Especially the great white shark! The great white belongs to one of the oldest groups of sharks: the mackerel sharks. Many of its members have existed, in close to their current form, for over 120 million years. Mackerel sharks have big mouths that extend behind their eyes, which they roll back in their sockets to protect them when feeding. Exactly our point, scary!

A research dive magnificently captures some wild shots of a Great White Shark off Guadalupe Island. The island has been a pinniped sanctuary since 1975, creating a large pinniped population - therefore, Guadalupe is now one of the best spots in the world for sightings of the great white shark. Because of this the island has diving expeditions to see the great white sharks!

Only Guadalupe Island can boast shark viewing in beautiful clear blue water with 100 - 150-foot visibility. They have identified 228 unique great white sharks in the bay where they stage our submersible cage diving operations, which guarantees unforgettable encounters.

If you do don’t worry the shark tours in Guadalupe are very safe! Diving with great white sharks and going face-to-face with them at 30 feet is an unforgettable experience but also very different than most people imagine! Would you like to visit this island?