"A Cat Makes Speak-Like Noises While Licking A Cheese Puff"

Published March 23, 2018 220 Views

"Have you ever heard of a cat that can “speak”? Well, here is your chance to meet one. Just check out this video and see it for yourself. This cute little cat is standing on a kitchen counter and enjoys some cheese puff that her lady owner is holding for her. And after each lick of that delicious puff this funny furry puff makes some funny noise that sounds like a language, unidentified maybe but still a language with some words that we know such as “yum” and “yeah” in it. LOL! Even when her human friend asks her questions, she answers, and the two of them seem to have a nice chat together. LOL! We bet that’s the way the two of them love to start their day, with some nice breakfast and a small morning talk. Well, if you had such a chatty cat wouldn’t be that your preferable morning routine too?"

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