Tourists shocked as display comes to life before their eyes

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Rumble Tourists in Cuba were in for a big surprise when they took a tour of a farm and village that was set up to mimic life many years ago. As they reached the hut that represented the doctor's office, they were ushered up the steps and inside. They arrived to find a display full of statues depicting a fertility ritual. They got a huge surprise when the statues came to life. The statues were actors in a lifelike reenactment of a common treatment from centuries ago. It immediately became clear that the show was an animated comedy that told of a historic cultural event in a lighthearted manner. The guests laughed at their own reaction as the sudden commotion startled them. What followed was an interactive performance with a resemblance to classic slapstick comedy in the style of the Three Stooges, familiar to North Americans.
The actors led one of the female spectators to a table where they had her lie down to be the subject in their ritual ceremony. They began having fun with her modern sunglasses and belongings. They joked with the crowd about whether to sacrifice her or not and their animated expressions had the crowd in stitches. Their pretend language was so nonsensical that even they had to hold back laughter themselves. Through the giggles and the surprises, guests were treated to a moment where they stepped back in time and took part in a demonstration of true Mayan history.
One of the actors invited the guests to vote on whether the ceremony turned to a sacrifice and his comical expression and gestures were enough to make the crowd erupt in laughter. The actors were convincing in their roles and their costumes and their reactions to the woman's modern items also brought a round of laughter.
The guests got much more than they had paid for in this educational and informative tour.


  • einsteinparrot, 1 year ago

    That was a very brave woman, but looks like she enjoyed it! 😉

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  • Kidsmagic, 1 year ago

    A great way to get the audience involved. Very humourous.

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