Covid Through a Pathologists Eye: Ryan Cole on DarkHorse

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1 month ago

Bret Speaks with Ryan Cole about his role as a Covid dissident over the last 4 years, and his unique viewpoint as a pathologist.

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Theme Music: Thank you to Martin Molin of Wintergatan for providing us the rights to use their excellent music.

(00:00) Introductions and pathology
(07:25) Sponsors
(09:17) Cancer
(17:03) Anecdotes and pattern recognition
(27:20) Clots
(34:50) Why aren't more doctors speaking out?
(42:15) mRNA injections and LNPs
(48:55) Antibodies and Bioweapons
(57:27) Immunology and Evolutionary thinking
(01:08:00) Vitamin D
(01:16:35) Cancers and mRNA injections
(01:24:17) Process 2 and DNA contamination
(01:37:20) Myocarditis
(01:46:25) No novel pathogen?
(01:58:35) Viruses in the heart
(02:02:30) GVB, evolutionary pressure, and free speech
(02:10:45) Informed consent and ivermectin
(02:15:07) Dr. Cole's practice
(02:28:45) US politics
(02:40:30) Wrap up

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