Stand4THEE Friday Night Zoom March 29 - Taxed to Death

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We Get a Tax Increase, MPs Get a Pay Increase

April 1st is the first scheduled increase in the carbon tax, AND it's also the day Members of Parliament give themselves a PAY INCREASE! While we are barely getting by, the MPs are rewarding themselves for all the destruction they have caused.

Despite what the Liberals want you to believe the carbon tax increase is going to be far reaching beyond the costs of heating our homes and fuelling our vehicles. It's going to drive up the costs of EVERYTHING as costs for goods will increase due to higher production and logistics costs.

Tonight, we'll continue the conversation of the actions we can take, which the list is growing! We'll also dig into the players Trudeau has appointed to be responsible for the UN climate initiatives, and you will be SHOCKED.

Let's roll up our sleeves as this is a participatory process and we need ALL Canadians on board to AXE THE TAX!

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