Leave It To Bever: Far Leftist Vote Counter "Discovers" 10,000 Missing Ballots

1 month ago

It's a miracle! In the Democrat primary race for Cook County State's Attorney the law and order candidate, Eileen O'Neil Burke, was leading her standard Democrat (meaning NOT law and order) opponent by over 10,000 votes in the March 19 primary election. And then the miracle happened! A few days after the election 10,000 uncounted ballots were found! And then, miracle of miracles, almost all of those ballots were cast for the leftist candidate opposed to law and order. And WHO counted those votes? Why a radical leftist defund the police communications director for the Chicago Board of Elections, Max Bever, who also counts the votes for some strange reason.

And kudos to REAL reporter William J. Kelly who dares to go where most of the rest of local Chicago media fear to tread. If you want to keep on top of more of the "Leave It To Bever" election steal story, check in on his reports. BTW, the funniest thing about this whole story is how the local script reading talking heads Chicago media keeps pretending that it absolutely normal to "find" 10,000 ballots whose votes are almost entirely cast for one candidate.

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