The 5th Doctor – Ep. 25: THE FUTURE OF CANADA IS NOW – Canadian Media Analyst Rodney Palmer

1 month ago

After volunteering my time with a couple of American platforms for a while, The Fifth Doctor comes out of hibernation with a discussion of the new Online Harms Bill C-63, with Canadian media analyst Rodney Palmer. Mr. Palmer is best known for his National Citizens Inquiry testimony last year that was absolutely damning of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) for supporting the fraudulent and deadly government and public health narrative over the last three years, and for his testimony at U.S. Senator Ron Johnson’s most recent investigative committee hearing.
LINKS relevant to the discussion:

Petition to STOP Bill C-63:

Rodney Palmer’s Day 1 NCI testimony:

Rodney Palmer’s Day 2 NCI testimony:

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson’s recent investigative committee hearing (Mr. Palmer’s testimony starts at 3:09:52):

A thoughtful analysis of Bill C-63 Canadian law professor Bruce Pardy with Glen Jung of Bright Light News:

Professor Denis Rancourt’s impactful expert NCI testimony last year:

An additional LINK featuring a re-broadcast with more relevant links in its Description:

Professor Rancourt’ French expert NCI testimony during the Quebec City hearings:

Professor Rancourt’s website with his research:

Dr. Lee Merritt recent interview of me:

Stay tuned! More videos to come!

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