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They are selling Social Security Cards, Green Cards, and a whole lot more.

Working with foreign intelligence services, Illegal Aliens in New York and other major cities are selling very good quality but fake Social Security Cards, Green Cards, and even US Passports that will withstand the security scan.

Read this:

Okay, maybe you can use an inkjet or laser printer and play with an instant camera, but that’s nowhere near the level of sophistication of the product Illegals are selling. These are good enough to fool anyone and, when available, they are selling dead people’s and expatriate’s Social Security Accounts allowing them to collect a monthly check.

A source who calls himself, Hector, tells me, “I get this stuff [forged documents]over the Dark Web, and they come by mail almost always from China. It’s always a thick envelope with a ‘documents’ stamp on the front. I’ve got a post box where I get my stuff. I’m sure the stuff I buy is made in China, but then ain’t everything these days?”

Hector goes on to say, “I’ve got a couple of folks who get retirement checks from the Social Security on my docs. They’re the best, and even the government is falling for it. Pretty cool, huh?”

He even offered to sell me working documents just to prove he’s really doing this but I refused. Knowledge is one thing, but possession is prison. I thanked him for the ‘at cost’ offer and wrapped up our conversation, eager to get off the burner phone I use for such interviews.

Let me ask you this, “Where does an Illegal Alien, supposedly struggling to survive in a new land, get hold of such quality forged documents? How much is he or she paying for these passports, green cards, birth certificates, social security cards, and even college diplomas complete with transcripts?

Security and Counter Intelligence expert Donald Handel, advisor to various US intelligence agencies, says, “These documents are produced by an underground network of master forgers and it seems profit is 2nd in their list of priorities. We have US passports selling for $5,000 and active Social Security Accounts complete with cards are selling for $50,000 a hit. The Dark Web is alive in trade but these items purchased on the Dark Web are being resold to Illegal Aliens and by Illegal Aliens.”

Imagine flying on a forged passport, one that passes the digital RFID scan at the airport. Imagine that person sitting next to you on fake documents, possibly even carrying a ceramic or 3D printed weapon complete with non-metallic ammunition. How about the lawn service owned and operated by an Illegal Alien and employing Illegal Aliens? How many months or years ago were they languishing in a Venezuelan or Cuban prison?

The United States of America has become the dumping ground for the flotsam and jetsam of humanity. By the boatload, trainload, plane load and on foot they are pour into our country over borders so porous as to almost be non-existent. From the endangered borders of Texas to the Canadian border they come by the tens of thousands daily.

From the Pacific to the Atlantic they arrive by the shipload. The Gulf of Mexico is a swimming pool for Illegal Alien Invaders and they’re not invading Mexico!

Listen to me for God’s sake. These bastards are flooding into the country by the hundreds of thousands every month and Joe Biden is flying them to all parts of the country without screening or qualification. Does this sound like a security risk to you?

When you hire that Arabic, Chinese, or Eastern European young man and he shows his beautifully forged identification, you have no idea just how dangerous he might be.
With the largest sector of Illegals being Chinese, 2nd largest being Hispanic, and a good chunk of them being African Island Black we are in more danger than ever in our history.

Security Expert Donald Handel says, “At the current rate of influx and settling of undocumented persons, it will take less than three years for capable young men in this group to outnumber our own military forces. In cities such as New York their populations are already in the hundreds of thousands. We [Americans] are in very real danger of a Hamas-styled invasion but from within. And I tell you this, we’re in no shape to handle such an attack.”

A brief summary of this situation says that we are in deep excrement. Wake up and demand positive action. Don’t settle for mealy mouthed politicians to bury bills and laws under piles and piles of crap! Demand immediate action and don’t settle for anything less.

In the event there is no positive response from our illegitimate government then it’s time to “Lock & Load.”


I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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