These Tips Will Keep Your Kitty Happy And Save You Money

HouseholdHackerPublished: March 22, 201828 views
Published: March 22, 2018

We admit it, cats are an acquired taste. But have one such feline friend to roam around your house can be very rewarding. Still, keeping a pet of any species is an obligation and having a few tricks up your sleeve is always a good idea. They might be independent, but they still rely on you, their hooman, to give them their best life possible.

If you haven’t heard by now, cats have a magnetic attraction to a plant called Nepeta Cataria, or catnip to you and us. They also have some weird attraction to bags as well. That is why someone clever thought to infuse paper bags with some catnip. Can you imagine the fun your cat will have with those? You can check them out on Amazon! If you don’t feel like splurging on a pack of three, just purchase a catnip spray and sacrifice a paper shopping bag to your feline. It will work just the same and will last longer!

Every cat loves a good toy and the truth is, homemade toys are better than the store-bought variety. Put those mismatching socks to good use by filling them with catnip and a few jingle bells, secure the end and let your cat have it! You can add extra stimuli to the toy by tying it with a colorful pipe cleaner and tying another bell to the end. Now watch Mr. Whiskers go loco for it.

If you want to help your cat cough up those nasty furballs easier, just feed her some pumpkin puree. Just add a teaspoon to the bowl of kibble a couple times a week.

Your pet redesigning your furniture? Get her a scratcher! Those cardboard scratchers can be pretty pricey, but making your own out of a cardboard box costs virtually nothing. You can make equal piece with a yardstick and a good box cutter. Wrap the pieces of cardboard with duct tape and give it some extra inviting oomph by spraying some of that catnip spray. Hello, new kitty scratcher!

There is more where these tips came from, so make sure to watch the clip for more ideas on how to save some coinage while keeping your furball happy!


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