6 Foods You Should Never Put in Your Freezer

Published March 22, 2018 898 Views

Rumble The freezer is one of the ingenious inventions that just makes life easier. You can always have your favorite ice cream stored away as well as some ready made pizza or delicious leftover goulash. But, be warned that some foods can't actually be frozen and you should be careful about the following products. YOU CAN ALWAYS HAVE YOUR FAVOURITE FOODS STORED IN THE FREEZER, BUT BE WARNED NOT EVERYTHING SHOULD BE FROZEN Fruits and vegetables, for example, which contains a lot of water, becomes soggy due to freezing when you thaw them out. Take care especially with melons, grapes, cucumbers, tomatoes, and lettuce. FRUITS AND VEGETABLES THAT CONTAIN A LOT OF WATER CAN BECOME SOGGY WHEN THAWED OUT Also, raw potatoes should not be frozen because of the change in taste and texture, although if they are pre-cooked and processed then that's ok. RAW POTATO CAN CHANGE IN TASTE AND TEXTURE BUT SHOULD BE OK IF THEY ARE PROCESSED OR ALREADY COOKED If you are freezing milk, cream, cream cheese, yoghurt or cottage cheese, they will become slightly flaky and crumbly when thawed. Soft cheese in particular doesn't like the cold and easily turns to an unappetizing mush when it's defrosted. MILK, CREAM, YOGHURT AND COTTAGE CHEESE CAN BECOME FLAKY AFTER FREEZING, SOFT CHEESE ESPECIALLY DOESN'T LIKE THE COLD And be aware that gelatine will turn to liquid again after freezing and eggs may even eventually burst when in the deep freeze which in turn promotes the ingress of horrible germs. GELATINE TURNS TO LIQUID AS ITS THAWED OUT AND EGGS CAN EVEN EXPLODE WHILST IN THE DEEP FREEZE.