"Baby Girl Dances In Her Crib To Dad’s Beatboxing"

AFVVirals Published March 22, 2018 1,158 Plays

Rumble "In so many ways, toddlers are just like cats. They both hate bathtime. The only difference is that cats have their own way of getting themselves clean, while toddlers have to do it the traditional human way. Parents all around the world have to go an extra mile to trick their kids into having a bath. Let’s take the dad from this video as an example. His adorable baby girl starts crying as soon as he asks her if she is ready for her bath. This amazing dad decides to get his daughter to dance. Out of nowhere, he starts beatboxing! And he’s got some skills! We certainly were not expecting that to happen! Isn’t he the coolest dad in the world? And the little girl? She’s stopped crying and now she’s having the best time dancing in her crib. This baby girl has got some moves! You go, baby girl! Shake it, shake it! Isn’t this the most precious thing you have seen today?"