Cat Launches Surprise Attack on His Brother

JeremyandLuigi Published March 22, 2018 6 Plays

Rumble Cats have perfect senses, and it is almost impossible to sneak up on them. That is if you are not another cat because they are also ideal stealth predators with fantastic hunting skills. Check out the cutest confrontation between those two cat's characteristics.
Jeremy, two and a half years old Ragdoll cat, enjoys all the benefits of being on the top of the food chain and walks around the house like he owns the place. But, that is all going to change very fast! His younger brother, Luigi is plotting a plan to overthrow king Jeremy. It consists of many subtle moves like sleeping in his bed and eating from his bowl but, in some rare occasions like this one, those moves are much more direct. You can see here Luigi stalking Jeremy and launching a sneak attack on him when Jeremy least expected it. Of course, after the attack, Luigi denayed everything and acted all friendly like it was all an honest misunderstanding, but, we all know the truth and Jeremy better watch his back. All kidding aside, it is great fun to see a clash of cat's offensive and defensive skills! This time offensive stealth, speed, and acceleration overpowered cat's defensive sensor network of excellent vision and hearing. We are looking forward to the re-match and, knowing just how much playful these two are; we won't have to wait long. Ragdoll cats are one of the largest breed of cats also known as puppy cats. They have deep sapphire eyes and a long silky bunny-soft fur that is soft to the touch. They are a remarkable friendly breed that loves to play with their owners. Due to their size, they are not the best climbers, but they will chase anything that moves, as this video will show you.