This Little Piggy Loves Making Conversation With His Owner

Published March 22, 2018 165,012 Views $62.77 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsOver the last decade there have been more and more people that keep pigs as pets. Why wouldn’t they? Pigs are just as intelligent as dogs. But if you asked us, we’d say they are as stubborn as mules too! Do whatever you need to do but if you give your pet pig a nice, soft and cozy bed, then be prepared to spend the whole afternoon trying to persuade your pig to get off it. Having a dispute with a pig is as useless as telling a kid to stop playing with his favorite toy.

Ducky the pig certainly enjoys lying in his bed. He certainly does not have the intention of leaving the warm nest anytime soon. Not even the sweet, sweet sound of his loving owner’s voice.

The woman knows how to keep her piggy happy and highly attentive by making unusually captivating noises that make the piggy melt.. Ducky sure looks like he enjoys listening to these sounds and loves just being talked to. It may not be some highly elaborate conversation but as long as it keeps him interested, everything else will remain quiet.

Nevertheless, Ducky is very curious and playful. He wants all the attention in the world just for himself and will bask in it. He does, however, have the tendency to get bored easily and that is why it is important kept him entertained. The phrase ’as greedy as a pig’ stands true for this one because his appetite is unrelenting. Nevertheless, pigs make wonderful pets.