Definition of Ready? Analysis Paralysis? Waiting for "Perfect Information"?

27 days ago

I was asked a question by Shanly S. He asked: "Do you think it's necessary to start every sprint with each story fully specified?"

The short answer: No, I don't.

Join me as I discuss the topic.

00:48 Analysis Paralysis
01:03 The Waterfall
01:38 Estimates ad nauseam
02:22 The Remedy: Just Start!
02:31 The Blame Game
03:50 Waiting for perfect information
04:32 Adversaries: Designers vs Programmers
05:20 Definition of "Ready"
05:55 Consider this scenario
06:41 How will the developers know the requirements?
07:26 The Remedy: Tighter feedback loop
07:57 Thanks for watching

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