This Mom Shares Parenting Trick That Saved Her Child

Published March 22, 2018 128,252 Views $2.33 earned

Rumble / Do It YourselfThis is a story about a mom sharing a super crazy parenting hack that really works. She dedicates this video to the parents who didn’t know this kind of facts who are just like her and don't know knee-jerk reaction to anything is just panic!

One day her daughter started crying. And it was not just a simple cry over a toy or something, she felt like her cry means she is in pain. She knew that something is not right! Her daughter kept touching her nose. When she realized that she took her phone and with her flashlight she try to see what is wrong with her nose! She saw that something really up in her nose, something white was stuck in her nose. She freaked out and her first thought was going to the ER. That day she was supposed to have a one on one meeting with a follower, but she canceled due to her emergency to the ER. This was the moment when her follower who had worked in the ER told her what to do.

While in the car on her way to the ER to get an object removed from her daughter's nose, this mom receives some advice from Kari, one of her followers that works right there on the spot! Incredible! The hack was for the baby to open the mouth wide and then cover the nostril where it isn’t stuck and then she blew into the babies mouth, which led to the thing in the nose to pop up due to the air pressure from the mother! Amazing!

Amazing trick who maybe saved her baby’s live! Do you know any kind of tricks like this?