Check Out This Hilarious Reaction Of A Baby Eating Peas For The First Time

Published March 22, 2018 10,198 Views $25.76 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsOne great thing about babies is that they always let us know how they’re feeling. Especially when it comes to their mama’s cooking! They are not afraid to share their opinion!
Sure, babies can’t talk about their feelings, but they make their emotions very clear through crying, laughing, playing, and most definitely through yelling. They don’t hide anything like grown-ups do, and they’re never worried about hurting someone else’s feelings with their reactions. Well this baby does not need to say a word about his mama’s cooking and hurting her feelings, because the face says it all! It is not good!

This mom decided to film her baby giving her peas for the first time. Check out the baby's epic reaction after tasting peas for the first time. Priceless! She is not a veggie person! Bring back the milk! His reactions are worst than Godon Ramsay yelling at you! Either way, it’s an incredible form of entertainment for everyone who gets to watch!

For little ones starting solid food for the first time, food can be exciting. There's a lot of color and texture to try and the fact that mom and dad are willing to share can make some babies really happy. Most parents remember the first time they fed their babies because of how funny the experience was. Enjoy this hilarious video of this cute baby and funny reactions!