Snoring pug makes cutest noises ever

enkeithepugPublished: March 22, 2018Updated: March 27, 2018
Published: March 22, 2018Updated: March 27, 2018

This adorable video will definitely have your heart melting! Enkei is one lazy pug and loves nothing more than cuddling in on the couch with Nicola and having a good old snore! Listen to his extremely loud and unusual snoring noises as he falls into a deep sleep. He is just adorable! Nothing can wake him!
Enkei is coming up for 2 years old and captured the hearts of his owners right from the moment that they met him. He was just a pup when they first laid eyes on him, and they knew straight away he was the dog for them. Enkei was the only puppy to run straight over and leave his siblings behind with their Mother. He was a little character already at only 5 weeks old! His adorable face and affectionate nature won them over, as well as his chubby puppy tummy. Enkei was thrilled to find his forever home and he became one of the family from the very first day. Enkei played and ran around with all the energy of a typical puppy. And then, at the end of the day, he would snuggle up and drift off to sleep, making the most adorable noises imaginable. It was no wonder Damon and Nicola fell so in love with him. The snoring was one of the most endearing things about Enkei, after all, it is extremely loud for such a small dog. People have commented that he sounds like a small motorcycle when he snores. Even Nicola rubbing his face, head and ears will wake him up but only briefly and then the noise resumes almost immediately. If you listen to Enkei you are certain to fall in love with him too. And the soothing sound of his slumber might even lull you off to sleep as well.

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