Dog requires help to retrieve favorite toy

enkeithepugPublished: March 22, 2018Updated: March 27, 2018
Published: March 22, 2018Updated: March 27, 2018

Sanka the French Bulldog is 11 months old and still full of that hyper active puppy energy! Since Nicola and Damon brought him home at only 8 weeks old he has loved to play and is constantly at them, annoying them to play with him. Sanka loves to play fetch with soft toys, this is one of his all time favorite things to do. At first, he didn't quite get the aspect of fetch, and would chase the ball, but would never bring it back once he had retrieved it. Then when he did bring it back, he would not let go of the ball. Silly Sanka!
Sanka has got into doing this new thing, where he has his ball after fetching it, then he purposely looses it so that he has to beg for attention to retrieve the ball. Nicola was watching the television trying to relax after a long day at work when all of a sudden Sanka starts barking out for attention, you can see that he is pointing towards the back of the couch trying to direct Nicola to what he wants. He then jumps up to the back of the couch, as if to show Nicola where he has lost it.
Nicola goes over to investigate and realises that there are a number of toys hidden behind the couch. At first, there is a soft blue patterned ball which is usually Sankas favorite, this is brought out given to Sanka and he just looks at it as if to say, that's not what I want. Nicola goes back behind the couch for a further investigation, and there it is! The little yellow tennis ball, an old time favorite of Sankas. Once Nicola reveals this from behind the couch and gives it to Sanka he immediately comes down from the back of the couch and peace is restored. Nicola can continue watching her programmes!

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      Kidsmagic · 33 weeks ago

      Lol. They don't need language to communicate.:)

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      einsteinparrot · 33 weeks ago

      He knew exactly what ball he wanted!!!