5 years ago

Husky Has Dramatic Reaction To Owner’s ‘I Love You’ Expression

A hilarious footage has emerged of an overly-affectionate pooch reacting to owner’s ‘I love you’ expression. This Husky reacts to being told the three magic words in her very own unique and finds humorous ways to respond. Cuteness overload!

Dogs can be quite needy when it comes to their owner’s attention which is no surprise. Dogs are pack animals, desperate for contact and attention. Siberian Huskies, in particular, cannot live without their owner’s love and attention, and if their owner is busy not playing or cuddling with them, they will go to surprising extents just to get their attention.

This needy Husky is always jealous when owner pays too much attention to other dogs. Check out what happens when owner is expressing love and what’s dog’s reaction to it. This Husky tries so hard to grab owner’s attention, and its cry is so adorable.

Here we have quite the interesting story of an owner and their Husky that have somehow found a way to not only become good friends, but also to share a very close bond. This Husky just can’t find the ways to express how happy it makes her feel that her owners tell her that they love her. Quite the adorable and amazing reaction!

This person is working to get the Husky to talk, starting with the classic ‘I love you’ expression. Watch the adorable reaction of this overly-affectionate pooch! She starts with a loud howl, which makes her look like she is arguing with her owner, which progresses in a high-pitched cry as the pooch tries to pronounce them magic words.

This video is proof that the act of giving is also very much practiced in the animal world as well. We humans however can learn quite a few things when it comes down to caring for others. At the end of the day, sharing is caring right?

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