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27 days ago

Modern ships do not have power failures without the backup systems kicking in. Modern ships also have better GPS than most vehicles on the planet because they have to. You've seen the damage now that a ship can cause and you saw how blatantly deliberate it was that the Baltimore Bridge was knocked down. This is another assault on American infrastructure to weaken America prior to the 2024 election. It's only a matter of time before mainstream media declares this a terrorist attack and then they find ways to lock you down so that the 2024 election cannot happen.

Within the United States and Canada chicken farms, cow farms, food processing plants, Trucking stations and now Bridges have all been destroyed to lessen the amount of food and commerce that America can have. When you lessen the amount of food that Americans can have and the amount of Commerce they can do by freely traveling in their own country, you can destroy a country from the inside out and that's exactly what this bridge disaster is.

Mark my word about 30 days from the day I post this that is when the mainstream media will call this a deliberate Act. In the meantime, arm up america!

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