"Little Girl’s Bad Hair Day"

Published March 21, 2018 964 Plays

Rumble "We all had a bad hair day at least once! The little girl from our video is experiencing exactly that, but she found a way to successfully hide her haircut. She put the cutest Hello Kitty hat, which made her even more adorable than she is. With the pink jacket and sneakers, she really is charming. The Hello Kitty hat only completes her look and the messy hair remains concealed. However, her mom, with obviously excellent sense of humor, snatched the hat and voila! The hilarious haircut is out. The little girl was mortified and her mom laughed. So did we! Out loud!nAlthough the reaction of this little girl is hilarious, it’s nothing unusual to have a bad hair day. There are many tricks to hide it. You can try braids, sleek braid, messy buns, and ponytails… You can wear a hat, like a girl from our video, although there’s always a possibility of some taking it off of your head for the sake of making a funny video."