This Young Man Caught The Legendary Tennessee River Catfish And It's Enormous

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Rumble / Unreal AnimalsWherever fishermen gather, there is likely to talk about the extreme aspects of fishing. Someone will mention the biggest this or most expensive that, and suddenly the place is abuzz with discussion. Those with conflicting opinions may engage in light-hearted arguments, bets will probably be made, and, sooner or later, someone will access the Internet from their smartphone to settle the dispute. This man will definitely win a fight in who caught the biggest fish! You don’t have to look upon the Internet, this video is real proof!

After a long and exhausting fight, Evan Austin managed to catch this enormous catfish in the Tennessee River that's about half the size of his entire kayak! He did cut the line and release it back into the water. That’s amazing! Good job Austin, for catching the fish in the first place and letting go of it after that! The Tennessee River begins upstream of Knoxville, Tennessee. The river flows 652 miles south then west across northern Alabama and a small portion of northern Mississippi before turning north to Kentucky where the river discharges into the Ohio River only miles upstream from the Mississippi River.

The Tennessee River offers fishing for species not found in other drainages of Alabama. Some of these fisheries are among the top in the United States, including smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, and blue catfish.

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  • leacroberts624, 2 years ago

    So glad that this young man has character and let the fish live on......Kudos to you.

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  • loki1982, 2 years ago

    That was pretty big, but "enormous" and "half the size of his kayak" are a bit of a stretch. That Flathead probably went 55-65 pounds and they get twice that size.

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  • Som, 2 years ago

    Good Video, I like and please subscribe and like share to me

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