Dog Enjoys Being Completely Covered In Snow

Published March 21, 2018 755 Plays $1.70 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesOh, the weather outside is…frightful. And while most of us are already sick of the snow this dog is decidedly not. All dogs are cute, but dogs in snow are even more adorable, especially when they romp, pounce, and play with it. But there are dogs that just want to lie down in the snow while the snowflakes fall slowly from the sky, tickling their soft, warm bodies. And apparently, the dog in this video just wants to lie down and get covered in snow. We are not sure whether he will warm your heart or freeze your buttocks off but he surely adores the white, thick blanket of white that has hugged the earth so tightly.

As the morning light struggles through the murky clouds, the dog doesn’t mind being in the chilly air outside and he is not going to get off the snow anytime soon. It is hard to predict whether <a href="" target="_blank">his playful nature</a> will get bored soon or he will get freezing cold running quickly back to the house. The wind gently howls piling up the snow in drifts, blinding the day with the ice-white dust. The dog just bends over against the cold and does not bother it at all. The trees, the table, the trampoline looms into the vision, then they vanish, swallowed in white.

The dog is so determined that he would spend the day in the yard as his body gets covered more and more with snow. <a href="" target="_blank">He loves the snow so much</a>, but he never reacts with jumping and rolling in it. So it seems that not everybody shows happiness in the same way. He thinks that all the snow is just for him and it’s his mission to sit still. And he just neglects being swallowed by the extreme amount of snowfall.

What a gorgeous sight!