Dr. Joe Lee: How the Health Emergency Was Used for Economic & (Geo)political Purposes

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2 months ago

Dr. Joseph Lee gives his perspective on what he thinks really happened regarding the public health emergency. He believes the event was used for demographic, economic, geopolitical, and political purposes. He explains how the "health measure" works and the damage it is doing. He warns that something is rotten in the state of the medical freedom movement.

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About Dr. Joseph Lee
Dr. Lee is a practicing LASIK surgeon in LA and has performed over 80,000 Lasik cases in the past 20 years. Since Dr. Lee founded Lasik Eye Center, he has not had a single LASIK claim, lawsuit, or settlement from his patients. Dr. Lee’s excellent record is a combination of his education, experience, judgment, knowledge of his equipment and attention to detail.
Dr. Lee is a University of Michigan Medical School Graduate ('94). During medical school, Dr. Francis Collins of NIH was his genetics professor.

Alongside his professional medical practice, Dr. Lee is constantly innovating and motivated to help progress the medical industry. Through this motivation, he discovered a glaring biochemical issue in regards to viral respiratory infection treatment. This led to the formation of ReVir. Inc. that has the mission to change how we treat viral illnesses by better understanding how they are contracted and replicate in the human body.

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