Interview with Dr David Wiseman on DNA, Proteins, Cancer Rates, Safety Signals & House Hearings pt 2

2 months ago

Topics covered

* DNA Contamination
* Frankenstein Proteins
* Increase in cancer rates worldwide
* Update on safety signals reporting from federal agencies
* Update on part 2 of House hearings on Vaccine Safety Systems

Dr. David Wiseman is a PhD Bioscientist with a background in pharmacy, pharmacology, immunology and experimental pathology. He was in the top echelon of research scientists at Johnson & Johnson, heading a preclinical and clinical R&D program, includnig pharmacovigilance and FDA submissions in the area of postsurgical adhesions. He has been a peer and Cochrane reviewer. Since 1996 he has run his own medical product R&D consulting business. He co-founded the world’s first clinic for the integrated treatment of pelvic and abdominal pain and pioneered the use of a device for those conditions.
Dr. Wiseman has focused on Covid-19 since 2020. His analyses have overturned studies used to justify public policy regarding hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. He has made over 28 submissions on Covid-19 vaccines to government bodies including FDA, CDC and NIH. He is a contributor to Trial Site News and participated in Senator Johnson’s two expert panels in 2022.

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