"Hairstyle WIN: Little Boy Owning Static Hair"

Published March 21, 2018 45 Views

Rumble "Don’t you just hate it when your hair gets full of static? Even though it can be so annoying when it happens to you, it’s just hilarious when someone else’s locks are full of electricity. If you are not sure what’s the best way to deal with static hair, you just have to watch this video! In this short clip, we are presented with a little boy having fun on a playground. He has just gone down the slide when something unexpected happened. Thanks to static, all of his beautiful blonde lock are now hovering around his head! This is absolutely hilarious! He looks like a baby version of Einstein! His mom is laughing out loud, and we are definitely joining her! And the funniest part is that this little boy is pulling off that new hairstyle of his. This little charmer’s hair is standing on end, but he is owning it. Cuteness overload!"