"Comb Got Stuck In Toddler Girl’s Wild Curly Hair"

Published March 21, 2018 127 Plays

Rumble "This video is all about curly hair problems. Curly hair is something that cannot be fully understood unless you have it. Everyone with a full head of curly hair certainly knows that corkscrew locks can’t be tamed, no matter how hard you try. In most cases, it’s almost impossible to run your fingers through corkscrew curls, let alone brush through them. Little did the girl with curly hair from this video know… At the beginning of the video, we hear the girl’s mom asking her adorable little daughter: “Did you try to do your hair?”. The little girl seems confused, and a little desperate as she replies: “I tried to do my hair, but it’s stuck!”. Oh, no, you poor little thing! It turns out that a comb got stuck in her wild locks when she tried to do her hair! At least she now knows that brushing is not an option!"