Diddy Trafficking Across State Lines

1 month ago

Diddy was allegedly drugging and trafficking women across state lines. This is a perfect chance to red pill the populace on his connection with Rachel Chandler. Rachel Chandler was a human trafficker for Epstein and was spotted in photographs with Eminem, P Diddy, Bill Clinton and more. How connected was Diddy to this trafficking system?
Not only this but Diddy "enjoyed" going to an island in the Caribbean that was awfully close to the infamous little saint James island with his "buddy Leonardo DiCaprio."
"I think what HSI is looking at is the interstate aspect of it, any online activity that could have taken place. That's usually where Homeland Security would look at...He travels all over the place. I'm sure they are looking at him potentially transporting women across the country and whether that was tied to a larger criminal activity...To get a search warrant like this, a certain legal litmus test has to be met...
There have been allegations that he was drugging young women, implies there was ra*e that occurred."



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