The Ultimate Flat Earth Experiment

2 months ago

No matter what shape you believe the Earth to be, whether you think Earth is a convex ball, a concave bowl or flat level plane, there is an objective, empirical, scientific, demonstrable way to prove it once and for all. All purely perceptual proofs from long-distance photography to laser tests are unfortunately subjective, non-empirical, and can always be contested by appealing to various visual phenomena such as refraction. The ultimate experiment to practically prove the shape of the Earth would be a fixed permanent tangible construction demonstrating empirically in perpetuity the truth for all to test. Professional structural engineer and outspoken globe skeptic Brian Mullin has invented and outlined just such a structure in his Force the Line project.

Years ago after presenting this, Brian Mullin was bullied, threatened, and made to choose between ceasing his online activism and deleting his channel, or being fired from his job. With a family to look after and little support from the budding Flat Earth community, Brian chose the responsible thing for himself and his family, and his excellent work and ideas were tabled. Recently as the flat Earth community has continued to grow, however, there is a much renewed interest in Forcing the Line, and myself and many others would like to see this experiment set up in several places all over the world. One man currently taking the initiative to hopefully construct the first one is Scottish flat Earther, Chris Watson, also known as Flatty McFlatFace.

I'm always skeptical of online donations and encourage people to do their due diligence before handing hard-earned money over to anyone, but at the same time it's also important to support genuine people doing important work, and to put our money where our mouths are, and for that reason you will find a link to Chris Watson's GoFundMe below. Beyond pure monetary donations however, I'm making this video to spread awareness about this important experiment, one which should be replicated the world over, and should be supported by ALL people regardless of their opinion of the shape of the Earth. Globe Earthers, SpaceX, NASA and all government space agencies should be just as determined as flat Earthers are to erect these constructions and prove the curvature (or lack thereof) once and for all. Interestingly enough though, it only ever seems to be flat Earthers who truly care about empirically demonstrating the shape of our world, whereas globe Earthers continue to be content with their non-empirical, non-demonstrable, pseudo-scientific explanations and doctored photos/videos.

And finally I wanted to thank everyone for helping me reach 100,000 subscribers. As many of you know, YouTube has repeatedly banned me simply for speaking taboo truths and I've still to this day never been able to recover the amount of views or subscribers I had on my original channels. Many other flat Earthers in the community have had similar things happen to them and with YouTube's new bias algorithm, now more than ever, we need to help promote small channels to encourage them to continue their much needed work. So below you will see a pinned comment with links to many of my favorite flat Earth channels. Please take a minute to subscribe and send some love to these great content creators. My apologies for anyone I missed, please simply reply with a link to your channel so the entire pinned thread can be one long recommended list. Thank you!

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