Top 10 Outlandish Aircraft That Actually Flew

6 years ago

The original story behind airplanes is to make getting from point A to point B easier and more practical. The invention of airplanes is considered as one of the greater human inventions. The possibility to be able to board as many as 500 people and take them across great distances is quite the miraculous invention. Over time people have found many ways to evolve the air travelling, make it better and even Chance it so it could be used for several occasions.

Life today isn't that much different from life back in the 1980s. There is no teleportation or interstellar space travel. There are no flying cars . There are no floating cloud cities. But what we do have in abundance are those little inventions that make our lives just a bit easier: cell phones most of us can afford, longer-lasting batteries, GPS systems, high-speed internet, debit and credit cards etc.

However, every time has its own trends, technologies and inventions. Back in the ‘80 while most people were too busy putting their lipstick or blow waving their hair, a few were developing some really cool ideas. At least, they were cool in that time. Looking from this time distance, some of us might say "What a load of crap they were!"

These bizarre aircraft offered a glimpse into an unbelievable future for aviation, even if some could barely make it off the ground. If anything, these early inventions have broadened our horizons for future generations to learn from and further more build on. Quite the remarkable evolution human kind has gone through as to how far we've come today.

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