5 years ago

Sneaky Little Beagle Caught On Camera Drinking Owner's Coffee

Coffee! Coffee! Coffee! Who would agree with us that coffee is the best drink on earth? It’s not just a beverage, it’s a cup of sanity, it’s love it’s a hug! Behind every successful woman is a substantial amount of coffee. Well, this is a little bit different story. Behind this woman, there is her dog secretly drinking her coffee behind her back.

Henry the beagle's owner knew he was sneaking sips of coffee when she wasn't around, but she still needed to see his nefarious villainy with her own eyes. Check out the hidden camera footage... Guilty! This sneaky little coffee drinker! Guess Henry is not allowed to drink coffee, that’s why he has to do it secretly when no one is watching! We understand why she doesn’t let him drink coffee. If you didn’t know dogs and cats appear to be more sensitive to the effects of caffeine than people. While 1-2 laps of coffee, tea or soda will not contain enough caffeine to cause poisoning. So no coffee for dogs! A strong shot of coffee might be what you need to start your day, but it can wreak havoc on your dog's health if you allow him to join you in a cup. Henry please be a good boy and stop drinking coffee!

However, have you ever seen such a sneaky and sweet beagle like Henry? Everybody should believe in something, we believe we will have another cup of coffee!

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