Seems That Even Elephants Love To Fall Asleep With A Lullaby

Published March 20, 2018 2,368 Plays

Rumble There is one universal truth about elephants and that is that they are such gentle giants. These incredibly smart animals are able to easily forge relationships with their human handlers, so as long as they treat them kindly and with respect. With proper training done in a caring and non-aggressive way, elephants learn to trust and respond well to humans.

Seeing one such supportive bond between a wild animal and its caretaker is really heartwarming. If you add the mutual love, the concoction is complete and is a true treat for the eyes. Relationships like those are proof that, even though they don’t speak the same language, humans can interact with animals and understand each other. Just like these two do.

Faamai is a resident of the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, who has a nurturing bond with Sangduen Chailert, also called Lek, her caretaker. Lek swats her gentle giant with a rag and those who are unfamiliar with the treatment might jump to the animal’s aid. Fret not; it is done to help cool the elephant and keep any invasive flies away.

Their bond is so tight, that Faamai lets Lek get super close to her. She even extends her trunk to grab Lek in a tight hug. But what really moves us is how lovingly she responds to the Song Lek is singing to her. Just like a baby would respond to a lullaby, Faamai drops to the ground and curls up in Lek’s arms, albeit to small to hold her, and falls into sweet, sweet slumber. Lek kneels next to her protege and pets her on the head, planting gentle kisses on her trunk.

Now that right there is unconditional love!

Credit to 'elephantnews'.