Motorist nearly T-bones truck

Published March 19, 2018 9 Plays $0.01 earned

Rumble This is a case of a motorist nearly T-Boning an inattentive driver. As car approaches the intersection, there is a van that slows down to make a right hand turn. The dashcam driver is alert and prepares for what could happen. He has seen this many times. Surely other drivers experience this daily. A truck seems to come out of nowhere and tries to make a left hand turn into the intersection. The dashcam owner stated that as the truck pulled out, he was clearly looking the opposite way and to the right! To prevent T-boning this truck, the driver had to swerve into the opposite lane thus avoiding a collision. Everyone makes mistakes driving and I am sure everyone has had their own fair share of close calls and accidents. Perhaps even the occasional roll through stop sign or misjudged yellow light? Nobody's perfect. However, this vehicle should have paid more attention before blindly pulling out into traffic. Especially since he is higher off the ground you would think he has better visibility of what is behind the van. Always assume that when there is a turning vehicle, that there will be others right behind! Had there been an accident, it could have been someone's word against the other but having a dashcam would avoid any questions of fault. This is why it is important to have a dashcam in the vehicle at all times. They are not expensive and range in price from maybe $25 for a cheap low resolution to hundreds for really good HD video and features. Not too bad right? Drive safe friends.