Coworker Scares Sleeping Cohort With Bullhorn

Published March 19, 2018 171 Views

Rumble *Warning – We turned down the sound on this one but it is loud, so we do recommend you turn your speakers on but you should keep them a bit lower.

The office prank is a classic of the workplace. Some days can be boring and a way to get through them is by playing pranks on your coworkers.

Falling asleep at work is the NUMBER ONE way to get yourself pranked!

Most office pranks are fairly simple in nature. We mean, we can’t all be Jim Halpert in The Office. Well, we could but then, much like Jim, we probably would not get any actual work done during the day. That said, it would be fun if we just started pranking all of our coworkers with elaborate, over-the-top pranks that would only be for our amusement. Maybe we will start with Halpert’s stapler in Jell-O prank. Though, our coworkers do not use their staplers as much as that prank would require. Ah well, let us move on to this prank.

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