Little Boy Pretends To Take Sobriety Test To Drive Power Wheels Car

AFVPublished: March 19, 2018
Published: March 19, 2018

Power Wheels are one of the cooler toys that some kids got to play with as kids. I had one that looked like a military Humvee when I was a kid. It was super fun to drive, especially in open fields.

A little boy is trying to get in his Power Wheels car…

This little boy has one that looks like a police car. Because of the thickness of Power Wheels cars, this one looks more like the modern Dodge Charger cop cars rather than the classic Crown Vics that are still around. This particular Power Wheels car is one of the more detailed ones we have ever seen. I mean, the headlights look like they actually work instead of just being stickers. And just look at those chromed out wheels. This kid’s car might actually better than my real car. If we are being honest here, I am a little bit envious of this kid’s toy. Obviously, I know I cannot fit in that thing, but still…

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