Little Boy Swings Plastic Bat At Sister When Dad says, "Batter Up!"

AFVPublished: March 19, 2018
Published: March 19, 2018

Baseball, one of America’s greater pastimes. For some, it is the most boring sport in the world behind golf. For others it is the one of the simplest and greatest pleasures of summertime.

This little boy is geared up to play ball with his batting helmet and giant plastic bat…

He may not be quite ready to start the season though. That is okay, it is why we have Spring Training. When we first see the boy, he is standing in the family yard wearing a University of Alabama Crimson Tide t-shirt and a red and silver batter’s helmet with a face guard. He is holding a large, yellow plastic baseball bat. Instead of hitting balls or pretending to the boy is whacking at a tree with the bat. His dad asks him what he is doing. The boy tells his dad that he is hitting the leaves off of the tree because he does not like them. A surprisingly honest answer for a little kid.

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