Entire Class Prank Kid Who Fell Asleep

AFVPublished: March 19, 2018
Published: March 19, 2018

This prank is just savage! The entire class pranked a kid who fell asleep in study hall and his reaction is absolutely hilarious. The video starts with a kid who is clearly sleeping (hopefully after he finished all of his school work) while one of his buddies records him. The entire class screams at the same time and the boy who is sleeping wakes up in a panic!! He initially starts screaming, stands up, falls to the ground, and then stands up but knocks his head on the counter.

The sweetest thing in the video is when one of his classmates asks if he is okay! That tells me that the prank was all for a laugh and that it wasn't meant to hurt or poke fun at the boy. It's important to laugh WITH the person being pranked, and not laugh AT the person being pranked.

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