"Four Labrador Puppies Pants A Guy (WHEN CUTE PUPPIES ATTACK)"

AFVPublished: March 19, 201828 views
Published: March 19, 2018

"For all of you Labrador lovers all around the world, search no more, this video is just for you! This video shows four black puppy labs as they bite at the bottom of a man’s shorts trying to pull them down. Persistence is the key virtue here, and those four Labs are not lacking any of it! They want to pull down those red pants and they will stop at nothing! Labradors have a reputation as outgoing and playful anyway, but if they are in puppy form and multiplied by four, that’s just next level! Even though the poor guy tries his best to get away from them, the dogs are not having any of it. They eventually manage to pull down the shorts while the man is standing in the middle of a street! Luckily, he’s wearing another pair of shorter shorts, so he gets to keep at least some of his dignity… And we get a great laugh!"

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