"This Turtle Video Will Make You Jump"

AFVPublished: March 19, 201820 views
Published: March 19, 2018

"We can all agree that bumping into a turtle in nature randomly is quite rare. The guys from this video were lucky enough to find one as it was casually crossing the road. They try to get the turtle to move by tapping it with an empty box. At first, the turtle looks like it couldn’t care less. You can tap me for as long as you want to, I’m not moving. If you thought that this would turn out to be a boring uneventful video, you are about to be proven wrong. Get ready for something tur-tally amazing! A few seconds into the video, the biggest plot twist of our lives happens. All of a sudden, the turtle jumps at the woman holding the camera and knocks down the camera! You won’t believe it until you’ve seen it! Who would have thought that a turtle can have such cat-like reflexes! We have to admit, we are in shock!"

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