"Dad With Cat Like Reflexes Grabs Saves His Toddler Boy"

AFVPublished: March 19, 201849 views
Published: March 19, 2018

"What could be more exciting than spending a hot summer afternoon on a boat paddling? Sounds perfect, right? Chilling on a boat, sunbathing and catching up with friends and family - we can all agree that it can’t get any better than that! What could possibly go wrong in this scenario? Watch this video to find out! At the beginning of this video, we can see a toddler boy wearing a lifejacket while sitting in the middle of a boat and his dad paddling behind him. At first, it seems like the little boy is enjoying his boat ride. However, he soon gets kind of bored of sitting still in one place. To be honest, that’s probably every toddler’s biggest nightmare! Our little guy decides to go exploring and tries to get out of the boat several times, although unsuccessfully. But then, all of a sudden, he manages to roll over the edge of the boat. Oh no! Don’t worry, dad comes to the rescue. That was close! Luckily this little boy’s dad has cat-like reflexes!"

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