Cougar Close Encounter

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Published: March 19, 2018

Occurred on September 25, 2011 / Alberta, Canada

Info from Licensor: "During bow season, went to the dugout to sit for the evening hunt, and the cougar decided to go to the same place. My friend Rob was also there and was about 800 yards from my position. I thought that if he could show up we might be able to chase the cat away, and I would not have to shoot it with my bow. I could have shot right away but once she moved I had knocked the arrow off the rest and was trying to set it back up pulled it off the string, so could not knock the arrow until she actually walks out of the picture. She spat at me three times as I threw things at her, and finally came back in after 10 minutes. Her body language had changed when she returned and could tell her intentions were now different. The entire time she was trying to pick up my sent, but I had descented myself so well that she could not figure out what I was. Initially, she was 21 feet away when first saw her and 18 feet when she came back in. When she walked up to me, she would have been 3-4 feet. I could have literally reached up and touched her forehead."

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      Fido43 ยท 43 weeks ago

      Pretty lame. The cat was simply curious and would have left without all the yelling.