DON'T POLISH when Porting and Airflow Theory III

Published March 19, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble Porting and Airflow Theory II

I have three articles up now. The latest is this one, but you can always click for the other 2 articles.

Here was my first video on porting and airflow theory:

Here I cover theory of airflow through a cylinder head. Sure, it's theory without action, but education can guide choices and guesses as to what will help the airflow through your engine. You see, I took me forever watching videos showing practical application to learn the theory and this video will helped you learn if you have the names of items like cylinder heads, valves, ports, bowls, and more down pat.

If you run into safety issues with this video, then you need's a theory video! That said, if you are porting, be sure to wear a breather mask. I'm talking about serious equipment, the kind that looks like a military breathing apparatus for your mouth, eye protection, and hand protection.

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