"Cow Drinks Water From A Water Pump"

AFVViralsPublished: March 19, 2018
Published: March 19, 2018

"This cow drinks water from a water pump and we can't believe our eyes. Our pets often surprise us with some new tricks they have learned and it is always a sight to see! Sometimes, we try to teach them something and when they succeed in doing what we have been showing them, we could not be prouder and our hearts fill with joy! Every day, our furry friends show us how smart they are, and just when you think that there is nothing more that could surprise you, something awesome happens. In this case, that is this adorable cow and it has learned how to pump the water itself using its snout. This video will definitely surprise you! We still can't believe our eyes but are so glad this was recorded. Water is extremely important, and this cow knows that perfectly. It has found a way to get water by itself and we are loving it!"

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