"Toddler Girl Stuck in Fridge"

Published March 19, 2018 1,101 Plays

Rumble "We are not sure why, but for most toddlers, the fridge has to be one of the most intriguing house appliances. Is it maybe the fact that food is kept in it, or perhaps toddler’s curiosity has something to do with the light inside of it? We don’t know, but toddlers are just hilarious when it comes to discovering new places in the house. At the beginning of this video, we can see an adorable little girl named Poppy standing inside a refrigerator. She is totally confused and absolutely terrified of stepping out of the fridge. Poppy is trapped! You poor thing! She is feeling hopeless, and if mom doesn’t come to the rescue, she will probably start crying. The toddler girl’s mom approaches her and helps her out of the fridge. She steps out carefully. It’s all fine again! She picks up a small balloon she finds on the floor and continues looking for another adventure! Too cute to handle!"