"Baby Dances In Grocery Cart"

Published March 19, 2018 2 Plays

Rumble "Supermarkets are such boring places, especially for kids. They have to sit still at the top of the grocery cart while their parents shop for hours. Well, maybe not literally hours, but when you’re a kid, grocery shopping feels like an eternity. This is probably the reason why the baby boy from our video decided to have fun on his own. This little cutie, with the fluffiest cheeks we have ever seen, started dancing while sitting in the cart. Out of nowhere! He made his own personal party. His mom is thrilled and so are we. We couldn’t stop smiling. He is ADORABLE!nBabies usually cry when they are bored. If you are a parent, you’ll know that sound! It’s the noise from your worst nightmares! Babies and toddler often scream their lungs out until you start playing with them. But this baby is something else! He creates his own fun. Now that’s a creative kid! Plus, he is so adorable, he’ll melt your heart!"