"A Baby Boy Dances to Music at A Wedding While Sitting Down"

Published March 19, 2018 631 Plays

Rumble "Some kids know how to entertain themselves and have a good time alone! Well, maybe not literally, but practically. Check out this video and see it for yourself. It shows an adorable baby boy at a wedding party who is having a fantastic time all by himself on the dancing floor! Just look how happy and cheerful he is! It seems that he absolutely loves this music and doesn't mind dancing alone. But what makes this video really funny is the fact that this boy is not even walking yet, and he dances while sitting down on the floor! LOL! His dancing style is so unique that even the older boy who is on the dancing floor with him get on his knees and gets ready to copycat those impressive dance moves. We bet that this little fellow is one of the favorite guests at this wedding and certainly the star of the dancing floor."