"Adorable Cat Hates Belly Rubs"

Published March 19, 2018 16 Views

Rumble "This adorable cat absolutely hates belly rubs and is not afraid to show it! This cutie was resting peacefully on the bed when the human friend decided to rub its belly. While most animals would enjoy this nice gesture, the cat in the video wasn't all for it. Cats are such majestic creatures. They are very independent and proud. When they like someone, they let them know. And when they dislike someone, they are even more vocal. One thing that they really enjoy is their privacy and their alone time, but of course, even they love being pet sometimes. What is the catch? They choose when, and they choose where you are allowed to pet them. For example, this little one in the video likes to be pet, but the belly is off limits. It is not afraid to show its dislike by making a funny noise and biting the human friend who is rubbing its belly."

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