"A Baby Girl Argues With Her Dad"

AFVVirals Published March 19, 2018 102 Plays

Rumble "Remember when you were a kid and argued with your parents ALL THE TIME? Well, this video will remind you of that! In this funny video, you’ll see a baby girl trying to explain something to her dad. She is very angry! She is trying to prove her point and she is not giving up. She is frowning and raising her finger towards the dad, like a funny little grown up. The only thing she doesn't do is speak. Yup, she still speaks like all other babies - she is only blubbering! Hilarious! You might wonder why this toddler still speaks gibberish when she’s not so little anymore. Well, in their second year, kids become masters of silly speech, producing strings of elegant gibberish that sound like a fake version of the adult conversation. So, although she doesn’t speak, we can understand that she’s angry. Very angry! She is both cute and intimidating! Soon she’ll start talking properly, and she’ll be able to speak her mind. We can’t wait to hear what she has to say!"