Just A Cute Little Girl Wearing Her Mom’s Wedding Dress

Published March 19, 2018 61 Plays

Rumble Every little girl dreams of being a bride. What’s better than being the center of attention in a big fluffy wedding dress? Well, for little girls, there is nothing more exciting than getting to play “dress up” with their mom’s wedding gowns and, just imagine, wearing heels too! Take a look at this hilariously funny video of a young girl proudly wearing her mother’s wedding dress!

The little girl from our video decided to have something of a wedding rehearsal. She tried on her mother’s beautiful wedding gown and pretended to walk down the aisle. She even hummed the wedding march herself, because, what’s the wedding without the music? She also “hired” her younger sister to carry the train of her wedding dress. But since the sister is just a little tot, still in diapers, she just laid down on the train of the dress while her sister dragged her around the room.

Hilarious! Mom and Dad had to laugh out loud at this hilarious “wedding”. These sisters are super funny, we tell you! It’s so amazing when older and younger sibling gets along. You can hear the mom gladly saying: “That’s my girl!” Well, it’s not everyone’s dream to be dragged around the room, however, it’s all in the name of having a good time. And boy, do they enjoy their time together!

We challenge you to try not to laugh when you see the little baby laying and holding onto the dress, while her sister drags her around the room! It’s impossible!